If you haven’t heard of Results Central then your missing out. I started with Results Central about 2 months ago and my life has completely changed… Maurice and Barbara has been a God send… they are so personable and have become apart of my life. I am at the gym 6 days a week. The trainers are AWESOME… the best I have experienced and dealt with, Robert Wright is a TERRIFIC trainer, he himself has been through the weight loss experience and know the challenges and battles with it. He’s very patient and he goes with your flow. I have had a membership with Planet Fitness for 2 years and went 2 times compared to me going 6 days a week with Results Central and it’s because I love it and enjoy the motivation they give me. Results Central motivates you so much you feel like you can accomplish anything and you want to continue to do more and be better. My life will never go back to the past, I have so much energy and I truly feel GREAT about myself because of Results Central. Like they always say there’s no Results with “U”!  -Angela




The ladies of curvy connection are not only a group of ladies I workout with but they’re there to support one another. The trainers are awesome especially my trainer Robert Wright he is there for me 100%, and last but not least, thanks to the owners Maurice and Barbara for providing a great place to work out, laugh, and be part of a family!~Olga





1128169I feel a great spirit in your facilities and it feels good to walk through those doors. I know the reason is because of the beautiful spirits you and your brother possess. Your spirits lift my spirit. I know it’s God’s plan.  Continued BLESSINGS are wished upon your life and your ventures. I can tell it is a passion for the both of you. It’s my pleasure to introduce others to what you have to offer: “A better plan for our lives”. Thank you for coming into my life in such a positive manner.-Carol 



9741530I have been working with William for approximately 4 months now.  At the beginning, I was skeptical about the benefits of the TRX system.  I just didn’t believe that simple straps could provide me so much more benefit than free weights.  After the first lesson, I understood the additional benefit.  The intangible of the TRX system is that the bands require the user to focus not only on strength, but also on form and balance.  If these three elements are not focussed on, then the exercises simply will not be done correctly.  The outstanding and unexpected gain from this intense focus on strength, form, and balance, is that the body experiences increased flexibility.  The increased flexibility then led to a decrease in my body stress, and other aches and pains that I had been experiencing.  The overall effect of working with the TRX and William is that I have more energy, better recovery time between exercises, better body tone, and greater strength. If any of these results would be desired by you, the TRX system and William should be a part of your training regimen.  –Elijah 


Friendly, caring and attentive are just a few words to describe my experience with Results Central. The event was equally as top notch as the facility and trainers.  Although we supposedly “sampled” the various classes offered Lol, the instructors put us through the real-life experience of their classes and I loved every minute of it!!! Modifications were given as we worked as they gently challenged us. #SCORE Results Central is officially #FromStucktoStart approved for their dedication and commitment to help people live their BEST fit lives at any size!!!– Zakiya! Founder of From Stuck to Start-“Winning the Battle Of Obesity

There are days when I’m not in the best of moods… but when I enter Results Central and am greeted by your smiling face and bubbly personality, all that changes. Thank you for the warm greetings… the smiles… and the words of encouragement. I choose to drive to Decatur (from the west side) because I know that at Results Central, I get more than just a great workout. May God continue to bless you in every aspect of your life.-Natacha